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Air Conditioning Install

Air Conditioning Installation Services in Winnipeg

If you’re looking for immediate relief from Manitoba’s hottest summers, call Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning for air conditioning installation services in Winnipeg. Whether you’re looking to maintain the same temperature all year long, or you prefer things on the chillier side while you’re trying to sleep, we carry a range of durable, energy-efficient products for your consideration. Give us a call today and savour the cool anytime you want. Reduce humidity, improve air quality, and control your home’s interior temperature like never before! When the mercury rises outside, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home, and everything in it, will be safe from overheating.

Choose Air Conditioners from Popular Brands

We believe in providing the best for our customers whether it is service or products. This is why we trust in products such as Lennox® and Goodman® air conditioners. You can choose from:

AC Installation for Residential Homes

Mr. Furnace installs new air conditioners for homes and residential developments in Winnipeg. Our expert technicians can help you get optimal cooling for maximum comfort with AC installations that are completed in a timely and careful manner. We offer central air conditioners with outdoor condenser units, as well as ductless air conditioners. A new air conditioner provides benefits such as:

Lower expenditure on repair and maintenance

Latest technological features

Increased energy saving capacity i.e. energy efficiency

Right size for your home leading to maximum cooling.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

From indoor air quality and fewer energy expenditures, here are the key benefits of a new air conditioner:

Energy efficiency
A key benefit of a new air conditioner is that it will be more energy efficient compared to your current cooling system. Improved energy efficiency and decreased energy usage can also lead to lower utility costs

Increased comfort
Air conditioners lose their ability to keep you cool as they get older. However, cutting-edge technology promises unrivalled comfort.

Improved air quality
Apart from keeping your house cool, air conditioners help to bring in fresh air to your home. A new generation of air conditioners provides greater air filtration, humidity control and equal ventilation than ever before. 


Replacing Your Existing Air Conditioner

FAQs for AC Installation

Mr. Furnace can provide replacement services in Winnipeg for your existing air conditioner. If your current air conditioner is broken beyond repair or simply not getting the job done, we can replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient model.

If you notice one or more of the following signs with your air conditioner, it might be time to consider getting a new model:

Excessive and high repair expenses
If your air conditioning system is demanding constant repairs and maintenance, it may be more cost efficient to install a new AC system.

Recurrent machine breakdowns
Recurring breakdowns are a sign that your unit aging and needs to be replaced.

A seemingly unexplained rise in electricity bills
With time, air conditioners start to extract more energy to run and that gradually increases your electricity bills. If you are facing this issue, it’s time to have your AC replaced.

Not enough cold air
If you're not getting cool air, it's usually a sign of a problem with your air conditioner. If the damage is too severe to be repaired, it’s time to consider a replacement.


Here are the most frequently asked questions asked about air conditioning installation in Winnipeg:


What Is the Cost of Installing a New Air Conditioner?

Usually, the installation cost depends on a lot of factors like the unit, placement, and maintenance. Consult a technician for an estimate.


Can I DIY Install an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioner installation is a complex process and it is recommended to hire a professional technician with the skills and expertise to properly install your system.


How Can I Decide the Size of the Air Conditioner for My Home?

Our HVAC technicians can help you determine the right size air conditioner model for your home’s cooling needs by taking into account the structure and square footage of your home.


How Often Does My AC Require Maintenance?

Annual preventive maintenance for your AC unit can help to extend its lifespan and keep it functioning when you need it most for the summer months.


Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on providing fair, quality services for all your air conditioning and HVAC needs. Locally-owned and operated, we’ve been serving Winnipeg homeowners for almost five decades and are experts when it comes to HVAC services. Get in touch with us today to schedule a service.

Save Money on Energy Bills

We specialize in cutting down costs and maximizing your comfort.

Trouble Planning Your Budget?

We offer reliable financing programs that will fit your budget.

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