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Customer Reviews

Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing quality HVAC services throughout Winnipeg for over 47 years. We believe in giving our customers the best service possible from our end. Take a look at the reviews left by some of our customers. Contact us today for more information.

“Quality and Very Responsive”

“I built a new home in 2011 and the builder installed a certain brand of furnace which I believe to be inferior quality. Mr. Furnace has service the unit a number of times throughout the years and I find the company to be very responsive, fair and accommodating. The work is 100% and dealing with Joel is a pleasure. I have no problem at all recommending Mr. Furnace and giving a 5 star rating. I should have given this review already a few years ago. Thx for your help, much appreciated!”

- J

“Beyond My Expectations”

“I had been having problems with my furnace for months and was not having success with another furnace company. When I finally called Mr. Furnance they arrived within the hour. Dave went above and beyond trying to help me figure out the problem with my furnace, as well as, options for a new furnace. He was able to figure out the problem and get me the part I needed. The cost was very reasonable and he gave a lot of his time to help solve the problem. Dave is very knowledge in this area and good at explaining things. I am extremely happy with my experience and will be calling Mr. Furnace when it’s time for a new furnace!! I highly recommend calling them. Thank you for all of your help and hard work!”

- Kim V.

“Friendly Staff and Quality Work”

“I was very impressed with the service man. I wish I had his name. Very methodic and tried to keep the price down!
***An update to the service call***
The problem reoccurred and they were quite concerned about the lack of heat at the time of the year. Offered to come down with additional heat until repair could be implemented the following day. Things be that they may, the solution was not available until the next day.
I remain completely behind recommending this company due to the friendly staff, expedient work and honoring the first repair. Some things can't be forecast. There was no guessing; they fixed it!
In this day and age, there is no substitute for quality personnel and open communications.
Thank you to all!”

- Wes M.

“Highly Recommended”

“New ac installed yesterday. Very professional and courteous staff. Would recommend them. Satisfied customer.”

- Dan M.

“Professional and Courteous”

“I woke up to a frigid house. A quick phone call to Mr.Furnace and a promise of being there in an hour and a half.As promised, Dave arrived and evaluated the problem being a seized blower motor. Half an hour later and heat was flowing through the house again. Dave was very professional and courteous. Definitely will call again if there are any future problems.”

- Denis V.

“Very Respectful and Well Priced”

“Thank you for coming to my home in the middle of the night and fixing my furnace. Very respectful, well priced, and fixed the issue in a timely manner.
I had previously called another company but was told because I rent my home they would not deal with me regardless if I had the landlord call in. I was also told that only “respectable people own their homes”
Thank you Mr. Furnace for also taking my call at 1am and coming right down to help on a cold night!”

- Nefertiti B.

“Fixing the Issues Quickly”

“After calling another company that refused to come out because we did not own the house we live in. We had Ron out in the middle of the night when our furnace stopped working he was at our door within an hour and had the problem fixed and our furnace back up and running very quickly. He also let us know how we can avoid this problem in the future. Will definitely be using Mr. Furnace again and recommending them to everyone we know!”

- Adam B.

“Amazing Customer Service”

“Bought a new home in December of 2017. Never had a HVAC system before. Called Joel for help and he was fantastic at both reassuring me and walking me through the issues. Also just helped me with getting my new AC working. With all of the HVAC companies out there, customer service is number one. That's what I get from Joel and Mr. Furnace is amazing customer service and great quality products. Would recommend Mr. Furnace to anyone friends, family and co-workers.”

- Michael B.

“Quality Results”

“Excellent service! Called in tt around 7 Pm came 30 min later. Took about 10 min and the job was done. While other companies were telling me that it will take them a couple days to come around to check out my problem. I can for sure Recommend Mr. Furnace to anyone if you are looking for quality work!”

- Dima S.

“Excellent People and Great Work”

“Over the past 15 years I have had Mr. Furnace replace, install and maintain water heaters, furnaces and air conditioners. They have consistently been courteous, prompt and professional. The work they have done has been well above the standard and expectations. I have had other trades people comment on how well things were done in my homes. Mr. Furnace doesn't just do an excellent job, they hire excellent people who treat your house like they would want their house treated. Solid people doing solid work. Thank you.”

- Brett S.

“Great Service & On Time”

"We wanted to replace our very old gas furnace and had been very happy with the existing Lennox so wanted to get another Lennox one to replace it. The Lennox Canada website said that “Mr. Furnace” was an authorized dealer of their products, so we phoned and made an appointment with Dave Wiebe, Salesman. At the meeting, Dave was very professional and knowledgeable and explained things so that they were easy to understand. He encouraged questions at any time and when we did have questions, he would listen to what concerns we had and addressed each and every one to find solutions for us. Even though he went over all the systems and options available for us, he was never pushy nor did he try to upsell unnecessarily. He provided a detailed quote, which he stood behind and there were no hidden or extra costs. He followed up our meeting the next day with a phone call, just to see if we had any further questions or concerns.


Andrew and Paul were the Installers who arrived right at the arranged time and they too, were professional and knowledgeable. They laid down protective covers from the door right down to the work area. We walked through with Andrew, discussing everything that was going to be done. We talked about the things we had understood from the salesman, Dave and there were no surprises, everything was scheduled as planned. Andrew said right from the beginning that he welcomed any questions at any time during the install. We did have questions at times, and he made time to stop what he was doing, listen to what we were saying and explain everything to us. He was patient and always kept a positive attitude on all our questions and concerns. They cleaned up the work area when finished and took the time to explain what we could expect with regard to the performance of the new furnace. Andrew also made sure to help us program the new thermostat and ensure that we knew how to work it.


We are 110% satisfied with “Mr. Furnace” and its employees and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an HVAC contractor in Winnipeg. We cannot say enough good things about how they treated us and the high quality of the work they all did. Thank you, Mr. Furnace!!"

- Kathi S.


"Everyone Cares Greatly at Mr. Furnace"

“In case you're wondering how impressed I am with Mr. Furnace, let me tell you that I’m writing this half an hour after the job was completed.

I met Dave from Sales, Andrew, the installer, his apprentice, Miguel, and Joel who delivered supplies. I also spoke on the phone with Chase and Riley. I had nothing but the most professional and friendly interactions with all of them; from scheduling and going out of their way to reschedule at my request, to the very educational sales meeting , to the punctuality, speed, and cleanliness of the tradesmen, to the willingness of everyone to explain everything thoroughly more than once.

I get the feeling that everyone working at Mr. Furnace treats it as a family business and cares greatly about it and the impression they leave with the customer.

A job well done is not an adequate phrase to express my appreciation.

Thank you, all!”

-Hesam A.

June 21, 2021


Owner’s Response:
“Thank you for your extremely kind words. We are a big family unit here and hope all of our customers can feel the way you do. Enjoy your COOL new Air Conditioner!”


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