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Duct Cleaning

Specialized Power Duct Cleaning in Winnipeg

The ducts are an essential component of your home's HVAC system. They distribute air from the HVAC system inside and out of your rooms and control the air quality. At Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe that clean air is essential to every home's environment. We provide power duct cleaning in Winnipeg for your indoor air quality.

Why You Need to Clean Your Ducts

Not cleaning your ducts will lead to an accumulation of dust, which is a fire hazard. The buildup of dust, debris and unwanted particles such as bacteria can also contaminate the air you breathe.


Routine duct cleaning will prevent the collection of these air contaminants and optimize the functioning of your ducts and overall HVAC system. We provide industry-leading services that are driven by careful inspections of your ductwork paired with advanced technology for reliable and efficient service.


You don't generally get to choose the quality of the air you breathe when you're outside. However, you have control over the air that you and your family breathe inside your home. Get in touch with us today to schedule power duct cleaning for your Winnipeg home.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services

When you require duct cleaning, it is essential to hire professionals. At Mr. Furnace, we provide power duct cleaning following a straightforward approach. We use the 'source removal' method that uses the maximum suction power of our truck-mounted vacuum to clear all the ducts in the house. As a part of the process, we can also clean your furnace and air conditioner. We can also use a high-grade hospital-quality disinfectant to clean your ducts.


The process takes roughly 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. However, the amount of time spent cleaning depends entirely on considerations such as the size of your house, number of furnaces and layers of ducting. Generally, pets and residents don't have to evacuate the property during the cleaning. To learn more about our duct cleaning process, speak to our specialists who can inspect your property and provide an estimate.  

Signs You Require Duct Cleaning

Ducts are often the most overlooked components of a home's HVAC system. Since they're mostly out of sight, we often forget about them until something goes wrong. Some clear indications of the need for duct cleaning are:

Dust: The caking of dust in your ducts, including the filters, is a clear indication of the need for a cleaning appointment.

Mould: The buildup of condensation in your ducts will give a breeding ground to mould. While mould might not be easy to detect, it can present itself in the form of foul odours.

Recent renovation: Renovations are messy affairs that will lead to a collection of construction dust in your ducts. Since construction dust can often contain chemicals, it is crucial to schedule a duct cleaning after a renovation.

Health issues: If you or someone in your family has experienced worsening asthma symptoms, allergies and other respiratory problems for no apparent reason, the problem might be in your ducts.

Unusually high energy costs: In some cases, ducts might become so dirty that they don't function properly. This places additional stress on your HVAC equipment, which increases your energy bills.

How Often Should I Clean My Ducts?

Routine duct cleanings from Mr. Furnace can help you prevent all of these issues and protect your ducts from damage. The frequency of duct cleaning depends on factors such as your lifestyle (if your home has children, pets, people with respiratory problems). As a rule, you should have your ducts cleaned every 1-3 years. We provide duct cleaning in Winnipeg throughout the year.


The Benefits of Duct Cleaning

When you choose Mr. Furnace for professionals to clean your ducts, you can enjoy numerous benefits, such as:

Cleaner living environment: The state of your ducts directly impacts the air quality in your home. Those who have their ducts cleaned reduce the amount of dust, bacteria and other disease-causing particles circulating in their home that end up on frequently touched surfaces such as couches and bedding.

Reduction in allergies: Ducts that are not clean house bacteria, mould spores, pet dander, pollen and other particles that impact your respiratory health. Periodic duct cleanings will remove these microorganisms and guard your health.

Improvement in airflow: It is no secret that cleaner ducts function better. Clean ducts will run on peak efficiency and keep your home comfortable.

Why Choose Mr. Furnace?

Over the years, we have provided quality duct cleaning services to numerous homes and clients in the local Winnipeg area. When you choose Mr. Furnace, you get:

Outstanding customer service with over 70 years of combined experience

Our fleet of advanced equipment, including our powerful vacuum truck to clean your ducts.

Our licensed technicians who can identify any problems with your ducts and HVAC equipment and provide the appropriate solutions.

Contact us today for efficient residential duct cleaning in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. 

Improve the Air You Breathe

We provide complete power duct cleaning services in Winnipeg to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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