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Air Filters for Your Winnipeg Home Comfort

Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning offers installation, repairs and maintenance of air filters in Winnipeg homes. You can either have an air filter installed separately or install an air filter on your furnace. We make sure you get the right air filter depending on your requirements. After assessing your home and your requirements, our technician will help you choose a suitable filter for your home. We also provide regular maintenance checks to help you extend the life of your filter. Contact us today for more information.

What Is an Air Filter?

An HVAC system is a crucial part of a home to regulate the air quality and to keep you comfortable. One essential but often overlooked part of an HVAC system is an air filter. Air filters shield the blower fan by removing the unwanted airborne particles that enter your HVAC system by way of the air ducts. Some of the particles that your air filter prevents from entering your home are:







Animal dander

Plant spores

Tobacco and cooking smoke

Metallic fumes

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Are you looking to buy a new filter for your home or need to upgrade from your outdated filter? Make the right choice with Mr Furnace Heating And Air Conditioning. Explore our exciting product range. We are also offering delivery service of air filters throughout Winnipeg.




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Benefits of Changing Air Filters Regularly

The air filter maintains the quality of air in your home and protects you and your family from various particles. Other benefits of regularly changing your air filters are:

Improvement in air quality: Ensuring the upkeep of your air filters optimizes their functioning so that they can filter out as many unwanted air particles as possible.

Improvement in energy efficiency: Clogged filters put stress on your entire HVAC system, which means they have to work twice as hard to keep your home comfortable.

Extension of your HVAC system's life: Regularly cleaning your air filters protects your system from damages from overworking and other issues, which elongates its life.

Money savings: With regular filter changes , you can prevent clogged or dirty filters that can damage your furnace or air conditioner and result in expensive repairs.

At Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning, we have a wide range of air filters available for HRV systems, humidifiers and furnaces. Our experts will assess your requirements to provide you with the air filter that meets your home's needs. If you have any questions about our air filters or would like to have a chat about the functions, please speak to us.


How to Choose an Air Filter?

The quality of an air filter is measured by its MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating. This rating tells you what the capability of the filter actually is. The higher the rating, the better the device will filter or purify the air. The more susceptible you are to airborne contaminants, the more you need a high-efficiency air purifier. MERV 16 (which is very high) can be reached with a HEPA filter, or you can reach a 12 using a filter and UV light.

If you're looking to buy an air filter in Winnipeg, get in touch with our team of experts and we will help you find the right filter for your home.  


Types of Air Filters

At Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide a complete list of state-of-the-art air filters in Winnipeg. Some types of air filters are:

HEPA filters: HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters remove airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. They provide protection for your home that is more than adequate. Those with allergies and respiratory problems can benefit from HEPA filters the most.

UV filters: UV filters make use of short-wave ultraviolet light to eradicate disease-causing particles. They have the ability to kill a range of harmful particles and pollutants like spores. While they are pricier, they provide extreme protection.

Electrostatic filters: Electrostatic filters generate a magnet for particles using cotton and paper fibres. They are one of the most reasonably-priced filters available without any decline in quality. With them, you get the option of buying reusable electrostatic filters, which cancels out replacement costs.

Polyester filters: Polyester filters are able to collect particles larger than 5 microns. Although slightly expensive, they are highly effective at preventing diseases. They are medium-sized and are crafted using premium materials.

Fibreglass filters: Fibreglass or synthetic filters are a cheap option for your furnace and are also disposable. They can filter 80% of particles that are 50 microns or larger and about 25% particles sized between 8-10 microns. They ensure dust doesn't collect on surfaces such as heat exchangers and fan motors.

Pleated filters: Pleated filters use polyester fabrics or cotton folds. With a MERV rating that ranges between 5 and 13, they can remove various airborne particles and are extremely capable of filtering out debris. In addition, they last a long time and can be recycled.

Save Money on Energy Bills

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Get Clean Air for Your Home

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