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HRV Systems

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) Systems for Your Winnipeg Home

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is essential for maintaining a healthy, energy-efficient indoor environment. As homes become tightly sealed for better energy efficiency, natural air leakage is reduced, trapping pollutants and stale air indoors. At Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning, we recognize the significance of clean and fresh indoor air, so we offer a range of HRV systems designed specifically for Winnipeg homes. Our HRV systems utilize the warm air inside your home during winter to heat the incoming cold outside air while simultaneously expelling stale air. The process is reversed in the summer, with the HRV cooling incoming warm air before introducing it indoors and expelling stale air. This continuous cycle ensures a constant supply of fresh, filtered air, benefiting those with allergies or asthma. By installing an HRV system, you can enjoy improved indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. Contact Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning today to explore our HRV options and breathe easier in your Winnipeg home.

What Is an HRV?

It's an appliance we use to change the air in a home. It helps retain the heat we are exhausting. An HRV filters the incoming air and helps control any excess humidity within newer energy-efficient homes. As we use many chemicals within our homes, such as household cleaners, and have chemicals in our carpeting, paints, and adhesives, HRVs help filter these elements.


Read our blog to learn more about using your HRV system throughout the whole year.

Benefits of HRV Systems

They help in:

Keeping the air inside the home fresh

Reducing the energy consumption of other HVAC systems

Reducing condensation within your home

Balancing heat and humidity inside your home

Heat Recovery Ventilator
Heat Recovery Ventilator working mechanism

Heat Recovery Ventilator VH30140RNC


Three operating modes (Intermittent, Continuous and High)

100% variable speed

​ISFTM (Insert, Slide and Fix) 5" (127 mm) oval collar system

Advanced proportional recirculation damper defrost sequence

Mounting feature via chains & isolators

Dual permanently lubricated PSC motors

Integrated auxiliary furnace interlock relay

Connection terminals for optional wall controls

Integrated door pressure balancing taps

Quiet operation

Heat Recovery Core

Transfers sensible heat

Effective in warm and cold climates

Water washable

Optional Accessories

Matrix 2-in-1 high-performance concentric ventilation hood

HVI Certified

Specifications VH30140RNC

VHP-RD1 drawing


equipment drawing

VHP-T3 Timer


VHP-TC10 /


Wall Controls

Dimensional Data

Dimensional Data

Minimum Clearance Data

Minimum Clearance Data

Ventilation Performance

Ventilation Performance

Energy Performance

Energy Performance
Energy Star

This product earned the ENERGY STAR® by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by Natural Resources Canada and the US EPA. It meets ENERGY STAR® requirements only when used in Canada.

Get Your HRV System Today 

Contact our team today to learn more about our HRV systems for your Winnipeg home. We’ll help you select and install the right system to keep the air fresh in your home.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning for your HVAC needs in Winnipeg. With over 47 years of industry experience, our family-owned business is trusted and reliable. We also own Furnasman New Homes, serving Winnipeg for 70 years with new home installations. Our 24-hour emergency service and satisfied customers attest to our exceptional service. We understand the importance of clean indoor air, offering a range of HRV systems designed specifically for Winnipeg's energy-efficient homes. Improve indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and reduce environmental impact with our HRV solutions. Trust Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning for unparalleled expertise and service. Connect with us for more information. We would be happy to assist you.

Save Money on Energy Bills

We specialize in cutting down costs and maximizing your comfort.

Trouble Planning Your Budget?

We offer reliable financing programs that will fit your budget.

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