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HRV Systems

HRV Systems in Winnipeg

Nowadays, we make our homes more energy-efficient and seal them tighter, like an envelope. This saves energy and preserves the environment. One problem with well-sealed houses is that they no longer permit natural air leakage around the windows, doors and through the walls. We must now mechanically change the air. An HRV system can help replace stale indoor air with fresh outside air, filtering it as it enters your home. Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning can help you pick HRV systems for your Winnipeg home. Contact us today for more information.

What Is an HRV?

It's an appliance we use to change the air in a home. It helps retain the heat we are exhausting. An HRV filters the incoming air and helps control any excess humidity within newer energy-efficient homes. As we use many chemicals within our homes such as household cleaners and have chemicals in our carpeting, paints, and adhesives, HRVs help filter these elements.

Benefits of HRV Systems

They help in:

  • Keeping the air inside the home fresh
  • Reducing the energy consumption of other HVAC systems
  • Reducing condensation within your home
  • Balancing heat and humidity inside your home

Lifebreath 155 MAX Residential Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Model: 155MAX

Most popular single core HRV featuring door port balancing and the high efficiency HEX core.

Warranty: Units carry a lifetime warranty on the HRV core and a 5 year replacement parts warranty.

  • High Efficiency Hex Core
  • Door Port Balancing & adjustable dampers
  • Excellent low temperature performance.
  • Controller with 5-speed, 4-mode operation, included.


Voltage120 V
Frequency60 Hz
Current1 A
Airflow High132 CFM
Static Pressure0 IN. WG
Weight71 lb


Product Details:

Motors and Blowerstwo centrifugal blowers driven by a common PSC motor with multiple fan speed operations.
CoreHEX CORE is a counter flow heat exchanger that ensures maximum heat transfer, low pressure loss, constructed of thermally conductive and durable aluminum. With our recirculation defrost strategy the sensible heat recovery efficiency (SRE) at -25C (defrosting) can be within a few percent of the 0C SRE (no defrost) delivering significant energy savings. Each core is tested to ensure very low leakage.
ServiceabilityLatched door to allow easy access to core and filters for cleaning. 25" clearance recommended.
Case20GA pre paint galvanized steel
Insulation3/4" foil face Styrofoam
FiltersWashable on supply and exhaust
MountingTypically hung with a supplied strap and hook kit.

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