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5 Benefits of Replacing Your HVAC Filter

HVAC technician changing air filters

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) has a $12 billion market size. A lot of heavy lifting goes into installing and repairing new systems. However, changing the filters for your HVAC equipment is one of the simplest, least expensive, and most important steps that you can take. We've got you covered if you're trying to get the most from your heating and cooling and want to learn more. These tips explain why furnace or air conditioner filter replacement is so crucial.

  1. The Airflow Doesn't Get Blocked The filter in your heating or cooling system is designed to prevent dust, dander, particles, and other substances from clogging up the equipment. Changing your filters every 3 months will help you prevent airflow blockages in your household. Once the filter hasn't been changed for a long time, it blocks airflow to the point that your system begins to struggle.

  2. You'll Have Cleaner Indoor Air Changing your filter is also critical because it keeps your indoor air clean. A well-kept, regularly changed filter makes sure that your system is effectively circulating the purest air possible. Maintaining your indoor air quality improves your overall health. Think of your filter as an investment into your overall wellness since so much of your time is spent inside your home.

  3. The HVAC System Will Last Longer A well-kept heating or cooling system will help you have fewer issues. Changing out your filters on a timely schedule means that blockages don't lead to breakdowns and ongoing repairs. The average air conditioner should last at least 12 years when it's well maintained. Think of filter changes as an investment that lets you get the most from your furnace or air conditioner lifespan.

  4. Your System Becomes Less Costly Changing out your filters means that your system runs more efficiently, and you'll deal with fewer setbacks. Fewer HVAC problems mean less money that you spend on repairs. Keeping your furnace or air conditioning filters changed also means that you'll have more reasonable utility bills. This is important since energy bills reach their peak in the winter and summer each year. Lower repair and utility bills mean that you keep your finances in order by keeping unnecessary expenditures under control.

  5. It Reduces Potential Health Problems There are a number of health problems that you might run into when your indoor air isn't at its best. Unchecked allergens can lead to sinus issues, rashes, congestion, and several other issues. In addition to changing your filters, make sure that you get your air quality checked and your HVAC system inspected annually.

Handle Your HVAC Filter Replacement You're more equipped to take great care of the systems in your home now that you understand the importance of changing the HVAC filter. Once you know that you need filter changes, take the time to shop for the ideal size and brand for your HVAC equipment. Mr. Furnace can help you with all your heating and cooling needs in Winnipeg. Contact us for new air filters for your furnace or air conditioner and other indoor air quality solutions.


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