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5 Ways a Home Renovation Can Affect Your HVAC System

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The key to a successful renovation is the ability to plan well. There is a lot of planning and care needed before, and during, this period. Not being aware of potential hazards could result in the loss of time, money, and energy. This is especially true when it comes to how your renovation could affect your HVAC system. Are you wondering what your renovation has to do with your HVAC system? Our blog covers 5 ways that your system can be affected by a renovation. Keep reading to find out what they are.

  1. Dust in Components One of the biggest issues you will encounter during any renovation is the accumulation of dust. If you're not careful, this dust can build up inside vital parts of your HVAC system like the fan coil, vents, and registers. This could compromise the performance of your system over time. Your best bet is to completely turn off your HVAC system during the renovation period and intend to keep the dust contained by covering vents in areas where work is happening.

  2. Debris in Ductwork Depending on the complexity of your renovation, larger debris can also end up in deeper parts of the system causing your system to overwork unnecessarily. Once the renovation is complete, make sure to inspect your system's ductwork and clean out any unwanted dust or debris. Mr. Furnace is at your service with power duct cleaning!

  3. Vent Configuration If your renovation involves an expansion or reconfiguration of your home's layout, keep your HVAC system in mind. It's not a matter of simply working around your current HVAC configuration. It is crucial to consult local HVAC installers before beginning your renovation. That way, your system can be working efficiently when your new floorplan becomes a reality.

  4. New Home, Old HVAC System There are many aspects of your home that you may desire to change during a renovation, but you may not consider your HVAC system to be one of them. Perhaps it has served you faithfully for years and changing it might feel like another financial burden. But a renovation may be a perfect opportunity to update your current unit to a more energy efficient model. Inspect the condition of your system at the same time to see if it needs to be replaced as well with all your other home changes.

  5. Not Doing One Last Checkup Home renovations are unique experiences. This means that the combination of issues with your HVAC system can also be very specific. While we have discussed the most common ways a renovation could affect your unit, to what degree is dependent on the scope of your renovation. Not getting a licensed HVAC company to inspect and maintain your system at the end of the renovation may bring unnecessary problems in the future. Once the job is done, get the professionals in to seal the deal.

Schedule an HVAC Contractor for Renovations

Perhaps you're reading this while you are in the middle of a renovation, and you think that you've dropped the ball on a lot of these tips. Well, do not despair! Get in touch with Winnipeg’s professional HVAC contractors at Mr. Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning for all HVAC system installation and maintenance concerns. Whether you are starting your renovation or putting on the finishing touches, we can help ensure you are comfortable in your new home.


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