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Hidden Costs of Poor AC Installation: Why Quality Matters

a technician inspecting an air conditioning unit

For any homeowner in Winnipeg, air conditioning is a major investment. After all, the average cost of buying and installing a new AC in Canada currently sits at close to $10,000.


For that price, you want your AC installers to get the job done right the first time around. So, what happens if your AC installation falls short? A shoddy installation not only means poor AC performance.


It also translates to hidden costs that could leave you out of pocket in both the short and the long term. Read on to find out why you should never cut corners when choosing an AC installation service.


Lower Performance = Higher Bills


When you cut corners with your HVAC services, you get an AC that performs poorly. This can mean several things.


First, a poor installation will generally mean that an AC unit does not circulate cool air as efficiently as it should. It may also mean that your unit uses much more energy than is necessary just to keep your home cool during the warmer days.


You may also have to deal with unpredictable performance, requiring you to constantly adjust the thermostat in a quest to find the sweet spot where your house is actually a comfortable place to live.


All of this translates to one thing: higher utility bills. One botched AC installation could result in your paying hundreds of dollars more every year in already sky-high energy bills, if not more.


More Frequent Repairs and Breakdowns


If an AC unit has been installed improperly, you can expect it to break down more often. Cheap parts might require you to replace those parts much more frequently than needed. A rushed installation could put a strain on the HVAC system, leading to more frequent leaks, blocked filters, and debris buildups.


Once again, this will end up costing you some serious money. In the end, the amount you shell out in avoidable repairs may far outweigh whatever money you saved hiring a sub-par contractor.


Unexpected Expenses from a Poor AC Installation


There are some hidden costs from a bad installation that are not related to the performance of the AC itself. For example, careless installation may require you to repair any damaged drywall around the AC unit.


You might need to shell out to repair ducts that were damaged during the rushed or incompetent installation.


If a unit is in place that is more powerful than what your house can handle, you might need to pay thousands for electrical upgrades that you never initially budgeted for.


Choose a Winnipeg HVAC Company You Can Count On


All of these hidden costs of a bad AC installation can be resolved by using a high-quality, trustworthy HVAC company in Winnipeg. That's where Mr. Furnace comes in.


We have been equipping Winnipeg homes with state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems for close to five decades. We know what your home needs and how to install it in the best possible way.


But don't just take our word for it. Check out our reviews from happy Winnipeg customers to see how we helped them and can help you.


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